Barre Farmers’ Market Provides Community Input

This weekend, Emily Nosse-Leirer, our Americorps VISTA, went to the Barre Farmers’ Market to gather community input for Plan Central Vermont’s Community Resources and Natural Resources and Environment elements. Normally, Central Vermont Regional Planning Commission staff collects community input through an online mapping tool designed to gather opinions from residents of Central Vermont. However, there were barely any comments from Barre. To get more community input from one of the Region’s largest communities, Emily went to the Barre Farmers’ Market with a physical copy of the map. Instead of adding a virtual comment, market attendees used Post-it notes and stickers to leave their comments on a physical copy of the map. Residents could offer comments about any Regional issues, but many chose to answer one of our guiding questions, including:

  • What are three places you would take an out-of-town visitor?
  • What is a place you value as a community asset?
  • What is your favorite place for outdoor recreation?

Even though the weather was cold, there were more than twenty comments left on the map by the end of the market. The comments were transferred to the online version of the map so that staff can incorporate them into future work.  Many thanks to the Barre Farmers’ Market for allowing us to attend and for making Emily feel so welcome.

Have your own comments about the region? Add them to the community input map here


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