Harwood Union High School

harwood_logo.fwHarwood Union High School Creating Sustainable Communities students, with guidance from their teacher Matt Henchen, prepared and conducted community interview project and mapped community assets. Their interview projects will be used to inform the planning process. Their community asset mapping will be completed through our crowd-source mapping tool under the Creating Sustainable Communities. For a summary of interview responses, please click here.

Residents discuss their hopes for the future of Central Vermont which include commercial growth, increased access to social services, and more employment opportunities.
Residents discuss a few of their favorite places in Central Vermont, including some of the local ski resorts and downtown areas.
Residents discuss their proximity to outdoor recreational opportunities and larger urban areas like Burlington and Montreal, as well as the connections they feel towards their communities.
Residents discuss reasons why young people may leave Central Vermont. Some feel that lack of employment opportunity, technology, and diversity is to blame. 
Central Vermont residents discuss their love for the aesthetic beauty and climate of the region.
Residents in the service industry discuss the sense of community in Central Vermont.
Central Vermont residents discuss their reliance on their neighbors and the care they have for the community in which they live.
Residents discuss the many changes they’ve seen throughout their time living in Vermont, including the decline of the dairy industry and the increase in population and development.