Spaulding High School

Spaulding_logoSpaulding High School students, with guidance from their teacher John Lewis, prepared and conducted student-led community interviews on issues related to regional economic opportunity and economic inequality. Students also interviewed each other to provide a youth perspective on the future of our region.


Interview Summaries

Students submitted findings in transcript, summary and multimedia form. These findings were used to determine community member values and develop draft vision statements.

The interviews highlighted below were from the Fall 2013 students. The questions included:

  • What makes Central Vermont special?
  • What are your biggest concerns for the economy in Central Vermont?
  • How would you like the outside community to view your community?
  • What would you change about the community?
  • Why do you think people leave Central Vermont?

Community Member Interviews

A Barre Town resident and retired nurse who moved to Central Vermont in 1965 for work, discusses the friendly, country atmosphere and the improvements that have been happening in downtown Barre. 


An Orange County resident who has been in Central Vermont for four years discusses the slow-paced lifestyle, surrounding natural environment and how people leave the area for better opportunities and jobs. 


A lifetime resident of Barre who owns a computer consulting business discusses the hard working, quite community atmosphere near larger employment centers as well as cities and the traditional job opportunities that make it challenging for younger people to find work. 


A lifetime resident of Williamstown, retired dairy farmer and legislator discusses the strong small business based economy in Central Vermont and the increased traffic on the back roads throughout the Region. 


A Barre Town resident who moved to Central Vermont when she was nine discusses the high cost of living within the Region along with the challenges face by residents without a college degree trying to find working and the strong community connections that make Central Vermont a good place to raise a family.