Forest Stewardship Regional Report

The Forest Stewardship project is a collaboration between the Vermont Department of Forests, Parks and Recreation and several regional planning commissions, including CVRPC, to use geographic information system (GIS) technology and a stakeholder engagement process to:

  1. Inventory and assess forest resources,
  2. Identify specific forest landscape types, and
  3. Produce strategies for each landscape type that will assist regions, municipalities and forest landowners in the objective of keeping forests as forests.

Planning for the “use” of forested land by most municipalities is done parcel by parcel. The objective of the statewide Forestry Stewardship Project, funded by the USDA and directed by the Vermont Department of Forest, Parks and Recreation, is to address forest planning from an integrated approach looking at the big picture to keep forests intact. The goal is to maintain habitat connectivity, forest health and productivity, ecosystem quality and to foster strong forest products and value –added wood products to further economic prosperity.

CVRPC is working with a steering committee, local municipalities and forest organizations to complete these objectives through the creation of a report which will help guide planning for landowners and municipalities. A draft of the Forest Stewardship Report can be downloaded here. Any comments on the report can be sent to The final report will be available July 31. The strategies from the Forest Stewardship report will be further fleshed out in the Environment and Natural Resources section of Plan Central Vermont.

In the next phase of the project, CVRPC staff will review town plan and zoning regulations for two municipalities. The municipalities that have been chosen for the review are Northfield and Duxbury. Staff will then work with the municipalities to revise forest stewardship goals and implement desired actions. The goal is to improve effectiveness of local conservation strategies and effect change in knowledge about town forest stewardship contributions.

For more information on the Project, email Stephanie Smith,, or call (802) 229-0389.

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