How to use the Community Input Map

How to make a Comment on the Map

To begin, click here to open the Map. In the top right corner of the map, click Add your comment to the map.
comment-map-flagYou then have the option of moving the flag  that is given by clicking and dragging it around the map or scrolling down and typing in the address where you would like the flag to appear, in the box shown here:


Once you have placed the flag in the  correct location, fill out the My Comment form. Within the form you will be required to give the place/location, your name, the comment topic and your comment. The comment topics are the ones shown in the Topics Menu. You can also add an image or a link to a website.

Once you submit your comment, it will be live on the map! Click Home in the top left corner of the map to go back to the main page and see your comment.

*All Comments will be reviewed. Comments will  be removed if they are flagrant or contain offensive language.

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