Purpose of the Plan

We don’t usually think of ourselves as living within the Central Vermont Region…we tend to identify with the cities, towns, villages, valleys or school districts.

But some things, like our environment and transportation, are important issues to consider at a regional scale. You might not think in terms of the greater region, but chances are you live, work and play across town boundaries.


By planning regionally, we can align economic, social and environmental issues in order to guide investments to meet the future needs of the Region’s residents. This plan is intended to providing a framework to address issues interrelated to how we connect to our communities; how we steward our natural, cultural and historic resources; how we work and build on our Region’s assets to create a prosperous economy; and how we grow as a region. It aims to be a useful part of the ongoing dialogue about the future of our communities and to stimulate informed and collaborative actions based on collective goals and priorities.

Attainment of goals set by this plan will require a commitment to this vision of the region as a community. In planning for the long term public interest of the region, CVRPC can play a vital role in assessing the strengths and opportunities by finding and building solutions to those issues that transcend town boundaries. Towns no longer function as self-sufficient islands in providing services, employment and education. The interrelationships and interdependence between towns within the region are clear.