Use of the Plan

Throughout the Plan will be specific policies, recommendations, strategies, offers and proposals designed to reflect the values of Central Vermont residents and help realize the goals of this Plan. The Plan is to be used by the CVRPC, town planning commissions, selectboards, state agencies, landowners, and citizens in a number of ways:

  • Local officials preparing and implementing municipal plans:

    The Plan provides a regional framework of goals and policies for local officials to consider when preparing and updating their municipal plans or implementing their planning program.

  • CVRPC Committees and staff prioritizing work with communities and the Region:

    CVRPC will review this Plan in preparing its annual work program and will establish priorities of key Plan goals for implementation followed by an annual review to evaluate progress, analyze current data, re-assess priorities, and consider possible amendments to the Regional Plan. CVRPC Committees and staff also use the Plan to, where appropriate, provide direction in the Act 250 and Section 248 processes.

  • State agencies that have programs or take actions affecting land use:

    State agencies must engage in a planning process to assure that those programs and actions are compatible with regional plans.

  • Local non-profits and businesses seeking support for activities:

    New projects, partnerships and successful grant proposals seek to address clearly identified needs in the Plan.