Safe and Affordable Housing


Housing is the foundation of our historic towns and villages. The size, location and cost of housing shape the communities in which we live. Providing a range of housing options for a variety of income levels and lifestyles contributes to the vitality of our communities. Housing impacts local economic development, school enrollment, land use, and traffic patterns, among others.

The Housing Element of Plan Central Vermont will review the number and types of housing units currently in existence, future trends in housing demand and costs, and outline strategies to meet identified housing needs. A key part of this analysis is the Regional Housing Distribution Plan, which is a pro-active Regional approach developed by CVRPC and designed to assist local towns in their planning for housing. It is a critical step in the Region’s on-going effort to address the housing needs of Central Vermont residents. Given the interdependent economy and society of the Region, the housing needs of the Region affect every community. The purpose of the Housing Distribution Plan is to establish a long-term vision for Central Vermont and is to be used to measure progress.

The draft of the Housing Element has been approved by the Central Vermont Regional Planning Commission. You can view the final draft here: Safe & Affordable Housing Element

Related Documents and Planning Initiatives

Downstreet Housing and Community Development: This organization “strives to help Vermonters find everything they need for a safe, decent and permanently affordable home.” Their programs include:

  • Offering financial counseling
  • Giving loans for home repairs
  • Selling and renting affordable homes

Formerly known as the Central Vermont Community Land Trust, Downstreet has been working to alleviate the high cost of housing in Central Vermont since 1987. View their website for more information.



Housing Working Group Meeting Agendas and Minutes

Housing Working Group Agenda – 15.9.28.