Town Commission Feedback

Staff attended Planning Commission (PC) meetings in the towns of Woodbury and Marshfield on May 19 and June 5, respectively, to give a progress update on the Regional Plan and let the towns know how they can be more involved throughout the update process. PC members discussed a number of trends and challenges the municipalities are facing and brought light to regional priorities:

  • Increasing access to affordable housing, specifically for the elderly population;
  • Finding a solution to high taxes burdening local businesses and preventing homeownership for residents;
  • Addressing a variety of barriers Towns are facing as they attempt to apply for State Village Center Designation;
  • The need for assistance with drafting updated zoning regulations to avoid sprawling settlement patterns;
  • Increasing access to broadband;
  • The need for CVPRC to amend Housing Distribution Plan requirements to ease the process for municipalities; and more.

Staff will be attending the Waitsfield PC meeting on July 1.


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